Practical Patch - and demoing a guitar cable is a difficult task!

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Hey guys.
Long story short; a FB friend of mine makes cables and patch leads in his house’s basement and they’re bloody good.
I though I’d make a demo vid of the guitar cable he’s producing
Which is a lot harder than it sounds! I mean, how do you actually demonstrate why a high quality cable is a good idea?
Happily, I had a knackered (hand on heart, waaaaaay more knackered than I realised!:D) cheapo eBay cable in a drawer to compare with
Here’s the spec of the cables from Christopher at Practical Patch
Van Damme Pro Grade XKE cable
Rean Jacks (made by Neutrik)
And a TON of care in how he puts these together!
You can find Practical Patch on FB here:
Btw it might sound like I said keyboard
But ACTUALLY? I said fretboard.
It’s an accent thing...

EDIT: worst thumbnail everrrrrrrrrrr...
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