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Suhr GG > Peterson Strobestomp > EB wah > Jam Booster > Suhr Shiba/JTK Alchemy > Suhr Riot > Jam Ripple > EB Volume > Jam Delay Llama > Analogman BiChorus > Bogner XTC > Cornford 2x12

I also use the Morpheus Droptune for a few songs live.

There are other things that get switched in and out, and i've decided to sell the amp and cab.... but that's it for now


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I own the same Satch skull strap, it looks pretty sweet on my Ibby. It needs to because the Edge III trem doesn't help in the looks department :D

Ken Day

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You put it wherever works best for you mate but generally wahs are seen near the front of the chain.
Ok, I'll give that a try tomorrow. Most of my playing is either live or full rehearsal so you tend not to hear it. It's only when I'm using it at home that I pick up Jonny Cabs.


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French!? Wow, you must have one of those DAB wah pedals!
Haha, actually when I put my fuzz on high it amplifies the signal. Roll the volume down on my guitar to clean up the sound and put the wah on to tune and accent the frequency being picked up. Kinda cool haha, might video it next time it happens.