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That's not new, its always been there.
As your rig evolves do you find you get a version where everything feels 'just right' everything is accessible and comfortable, easy to setup*. I spend alot of time at my desk (I've been working at home for 2 months of Groundhog days), and I'm really enjoying how easy to use the rig is right now.

The pedals are closer** for twiddling (pull out drawer, switch on the pedal you want, close the drawer, toggle the helix loop) and my reading light illuminates them really well). The pedalboard is way simpler*** and easy to move around, the helix controller works great on the desk (using an Ikea laptop angle stand) near the monitors (super digging the Kemper Editor****.)

2020-04-30 20.25.59.jpg

*one cable in, and a single on/off switch baby !!
** and they'll be even closer in Version #6.
*** just EXP peds and simple toggle switches.
**** Kemper needs to add midi assignment editing to the editor (before adding the tuner), and I think its coming - its the only thing I need to still physically touch the Kemper for.
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Wade Garrett

I am the projectionist.
This is what I've been playing today:


The EVH never really gets enough love, I hardly ever pick it up but I've been really enjoying it today. I need to sort out a high spot around the 20th fret, there's some choking but I'm getting the feeling that when that gets done by I'll be playing it more.

I've been getting all sorts of gas recently so I've been picking up the guitars I don't play that much so it feels a bit like I have a new guitar! It's cheaper...if not quite as much fun.


Stop, don’t, come back.

i don't gig, not for a good while

the ISO brick has been pretty reliable, but you can see how easily it would get broken with heavy handling; its not particularly robust and the barrel jack and PSU are not hugely confidence filling
would also be good if the 18V sockets could be switched to 9V for flexibility

i have a Trex Fuel tank as well which is more robust physically, but no 18V sockets and i don't think its isolated

if you are gigging regularly, the Cioks stuff is meant to be good; i'm in 2 minds about getting one of the palmer pedal boards with integrated PSU from Thomann