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Wade Garrett

I am the projectionist.
Hi guys, this was my armoury as of about 10 years ago:

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Since then, I've sold the mandolin and added a Tele, an Epiphone Sheraton and some others...will take an updated pic once it's dry and warm enough to put them all out in the garden again :)

And here's the Rack Of Doom™ and the pedal collection:

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View attachment 36362

I'm currently looking at putting together a PC-based studio and getting back into recording stuff again :)
Dude, that's rack is epic!
Yeah man! I don’t even know what 3/4 of the stuff in that rack does, but I know awesome when I see it!
The lights dim along the street when I turn it on :D

Top to bottom:

Peavey Classic 50/50 stereo valve power amp
Behringer Denoiser noise reduction
Korg stage tuner
Behringer Ultrafex Pro stereo image enhancer
Behringer Ultragain Pro stereo valve mic preamp
Behringer Ultrapatch Pro patch bays x2

ART SGX 2000 Express preamp / multiFX
Marshall JMP-1 valve guitar preamp
Digitech TSR-24S multi-FX
Behringer Composer Pro stereo compressor
Digitech Studio 400 multi-FX
Digitech DSP-256XL multi-FX
(empty space now filled by Behringer Ultra-Q Pro 5-band Parametric EQ)
Yamaha REV-500 reverb
Behringer Intelligate stereo noise gate

...yes, I'm a gear-a-holic :D
Bad pic but I had it laying around. I’m new to forum and participating a little. I took this after I picked up a Chapman ML3 Pro Modern Semi Hollow the other day. When I’m home, maybe I will remember to get a better pic with it front and center.

Hard to see the amps:
Dr Z ZLux
Dr Z Maz18 wr
Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace
And hidden some place a little Katana Mini
.... and cut that off. I’ll try again when I’m home.

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I did want to post a shot of the Chapman where you can see it. It’s the reason I ended up on this forum, after all.

I liked it at the store and when I got it home it had a few issues, that’s true. That said, I’ve really bonded with the guitar and it feels great to play. It just loves the Mesa Boogie.

I personally think it’s a bit of an ugly guitar but I like it so much that has endeared me to it more.

I’m definitely an Art Deco kind of leaning with my guitars. I’ve always liked my solid colors on Fenders. The Chapman is very earthy in tone and aesthetically like my acoustic in a lot of ways.

I say it’s ugly but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I have pretty strong feelings for this guitar already and it’s outside of my normal box.

It feels great when I pick it up and I know Chapman’s are known for being upgradable and I’m not that style. I really prefer to leave my instrument how it is and see how it surprises me; what it offers.

I won’t touch this one. I dig the sounds I get out of it and as I explore it, it really has a lot. At first I wasn’t digging it out of my Z’s (my main amps) but last night it magically came to life on them. Who knows.

I saw the color was Obsidian Gargoyle so I’ve just naturally been calling it The Gargoyle.