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Sold Pink Salvo (Jaden Rose) aka Lily


Northern Monkey
Yoyoyo, so this is up for sale now. I have new gear coming in and there is no more space in my rack and I can't get a bigger one. I got this mostly for the floyd but it turns out I don't use it as much as I thought. Recently got it back from Sound Affects after a setup and string change. Plays well and those pickups are pure 80s.
I don't gig (sadface) nor do I smoke. It's lived in the rack in my room with the occasional recording session.

My photos are below and there's a write-up on Doctor Paul's site.


I'm trying on here first and i'll put it up for the same as I bought it for. £600

I'm based in Lancashire, the guitar didn't come with a case but i'm willing to drive some if needs be.

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I'm trying to persuade my best mate to buy this with his now unneeded holiday skiing fund, where you based? Somewhere in the North I take it.