Pickup Conundrum


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So I`ve got 2 axes with aftermarket bridge pickups, a tonezone in a dimarzio and a JB in a handbuilt gordon smith. I had the idea that these pups would be a nirvana of tone, however, I`m not best pleased.

Firstly the JB sounds muddy to me, theres not enough clarity or definition. Did I wire it wrong? Or does it just not like slab top mahogany guitars?

Then theres the tonezone, did I freaken wire this one wrong too coz it doesn`t sound right to me either, mud mud mud. It`s in a japanese built Ibe, RG450DX, so I think thats basswood or maybe alder.

First question is, is it possible to wire a pickup in wrong so it actually works, just sounds bad? They seemed wired in correctly as per the schematics to me......

Second question is what passives should I replace them with? I personally like a lot of definition, top end and bite. Neither of these are giving me that.

The only thing they sound ok with is modellers of various kinds.


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check the quality of the bridge,tuners,tailpiece,nut..and ofcourse strings these things have a major impact on some guitars.

also check the wiring(especially the soldering) ...wire direct as a test and see if that changes things, mabey install some orange drops as well


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Just been lurking on a seymour duncan forum, and apparently the JB can be a bit muddy in mahogany, short scale guitars. Works well in super strats though.....so might try the JB in the ibanez!

Have just ordered a Rockfield mafia to test in the handmade guitar. Have wanted to try a rockfield for a while.


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Man I remember when I tried to install some PUP's in my strat when I was 16, I wired them backwards, and installed them backwards. So they were kind of right, haha, not really. I did get sound from them, just not a good one. Nothing like a texas special bridge PUP in the neck, :D :D


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I`ve put pickups in a few axes before, and they were ok......


Gonna try with the Mafia for a comparison, maybe put the JB in the Ibanez, a couple of dudes told me they work well in super strats and then flog the tonezone.
For clarity in that GS you might try a BKP Holy Diver - if you want more output then look at the Painkiller or Warpig. Heck, maybe even a Deactivator or a Blaze from Dimarzio?


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I was thinking of a holy diver, and then thought that for sh1ts and giggles I didn`t want to risk the price of a Bare Knuckle.

I just bought a brand new mafia off ebay for 35 squid - this was after Todd Rockfield himself actually mailed me back to advise me on what I should try. Nice dude! If it sounds like sh1t I`m going to blame him personally :D