Pencil tele

I put the clear coat of resin on the body on Sunday, and took this photo on the following morning. The surface is a bit bumpy and will need to be sanded flat and then buffed to get the sheen back, but I hope that I will keep the dark black colour and most of the glossiness.

You can see the difference that the clear coat has made by looking inside the control cavity, where I didn't put resin.
Body 7.jpg

I'm now leaving that until next weekend to let the resin set properly before I try to sand it down. It's looking quite promising, though! You'll also see that I've routed the pickup cavities - I didn't have templates for those so I had to make them.
Yep, the dog is there because it was my gf who did the pencil arranging and she's actually the main Westie fanatic. I'm pleasantly surprised by how well the resin coat has brought out all of those colours, and as you say the dog is really noticeable now!

TBH I'd always thought of this one as a bit of a joke build but both the neck and the body are starting to look really good now. I sweated blood to get the fretboard sanded absolutely flat, and over the next week or so I'll do the fretwork, and there's no reason why it shouldn't play bloody well at the end of it. I have the Irongear Steel Twin II pickups for this guitar, which allow you to switch between a vintage and a hotter sound on each pickup, so I'll install an extra switch to select the pickup modes. I'm looking forward to finishing this one soon!

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Wow, that looks FANTASTIC!
And the resin has brought you the contrast of pencil leads against the black wood beautifully!
It’s going to be a beautiful and interesting talking point of an axe Jonathan.
Really looking forward to the final result now and also hearing about how you feel it plays and sounds too?
I've had a long break from guitar building over the summer and early autumn, because of life events including a house move. However, I've recently managed to more or less set up a new workshop and this week I have started working on my guitars again. Last night I soldered up the electronics for this guitar, and I'm hoping to actually finish it over the weekend, so with a bit of luck I will start making updates on my various threads here again soon.

For anyone who is interested, I also have an Instagram account now where I'm posting pictures of my builds in progress. It's under my name, Jonathan Oakey, so it should be easy to find.
It took a long time but the pencil tele is now finished! It was delayed by many months because of last year's life changes, but it's done. Here are a few pictures of the finished guitar.
Pencil Tele Finished 1.jpg
Pencil Tele Finished 2.jpg
Pencil Tele Finished 3.jpg

I also finished a neck replacement over the weekend, so now the decks are cleared for me to focus on the two remaining projects, the V bass and the river guitar. There will still be a bit of a delay because I moved into a new house last October and I set up my workshop in the garage, but that proved to be unsatisfactory. The house has a large cellar that is currently full of the owner's old furniture, and he's going to clear that out in the coming weeks so that I can set up my workshop down there. That should be ideal, so I expect to get the guitar-building back up to full speed in a month or two.

I might post a thread about the creation of the new workshop here if anybody is interested.

As well as the obvious pencil-themed silliness, this guitar features the IronGear Steel Twin II pickups which have a normal mode and a hot mode (basically, a coil tap, I think) - hence the extra switch at the back end of the control cover. This works pretty well, there is certainly a clear difference between the two modes on both pickups. Fortunately, the electronics worked first time, without me having to go back and sort out any problems!
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What's the final weight of it?
Thanks! I haven't actually weighed it yet but that's a good point, I will try to find my scales and see. It feels pretty normal - I was conscious of the fact that resin is heavy and so I did quite a lot of weight relief in the body (you can see the pictures earlier in this thread), so it doesn't feel like a massive lump.

Incidentally, if anybody is ever interested in buying one of the guitars that I'm making, feel free to get in touch. I would only sell one if it definitely plays well, and I wouldn't ask a lot for them because I'm not a professional luthier. The goal is not really to sell them at the moment, but they are starting to pile up a bit and I'd be happy to make some space!

I'm also interested in talking to people about building guitars if anyone has an idea for something. I've done this a few times already and it's a good way for me to practice building while not ending up with piles of guitars at home. I've done this on the basis of the customer paying for the materials and shipping costs, so it's a pretty cheap way of getting a custom guitar! :) On the other hand, I'm not a professional and there may be minor flaws that wouldn't be a problem for the playability.

I can refer anyone who is interested to the previous clients.