Pencil tele

Well, the cocobolo bass is nearing completion and so it's time to start on the next project! I haven't actually decided exactly what to do with this one, because I'm also due to make a bass for my daughter. If she likes this, it might be used for that, or otherwise it'll just be another practice build for me (unless anybody says they want to buy it!).

And yes, this is me jumping onto a slightly tired and creaking bandwagon, but this build was actually pencilled in (hah! not even sorry about that one!) some time ago, and my girlfriend bought me the pencils for my birthday several months ago, so the intention was there long before the pencil guitar recently appeared on social media. Anyway, this one is going to be different - and better, of course!

Eschewing extensive expositions, here instead are a few photos of what I've done this morning. I'm making a mould out of the offcuts from another guitar, and these have really determined that it's going to be a tele shape independently of my volition (they just happened to be the best set of offcuts that were lying around). The pencils were chopped up using my band saw in a slightly alarming procedure, but it worked and I still have most of my fingers, so that's okay.
Mould 1.jpg Mould 2.jpg Mould 3.jpg Pencils 1.jpg Pencils 2.jpg Pencils 3.jpg Pencils 4.jpg Pencils 5.jpg

The pencil pieces are about 10 mm long, which is fine for a drop top. I hope that I will have enough pieces for the entire top and the headstock - I made a rough estimate of the number of pieces that each pencil should be chopped into and came to 12, so I cut them into 15 pieces to allow a margin for error. When the main bits of the frame have finished gluing onto the base board, I will also glue in a couple of pieces for the lower cutaway and the neck pocket, to avoid wasting pencil pieces in large areas that will be cut out.

More updates soon....I will probably do a bit more on this today but I doubt we will get as far as pouring in the resin. I don't have any other specific pieces or ideas earmarked for this build, but those will fall into place soon - it's probably just going to be a regular sapele body and a fairly normal neck. I might go looking for decent tele hardware to buy for it - none of those horrible ashtray bridges, of course!
And the more-or-less complete mould. I plan to line this with thin plastic of some sort, in the hope that it won't stick to the mould and I will be able to reuse it in the future. I added in the blocks for the neck pocket and the lower cutaway to avoid wasting pencil pieces. The whole thing is slightly oversized to allow for trimming the edges.

Mould 4.jpg

I need to do some thinking and planning next, before we put the pencils in and pour the resin. I might need to put a cap over the whole thing while it dries, to avoid the pencils floating up and getting out of alignment. We also need to decide how we are going to arrange the pencils - they are different colours, so we could put them in randomly, in stripes or other patterns, or even make a kind of picture. I shall try to delegate that task to my gf, who likes doing jigsaw puzzles (she's currently doing one with about 10,000 pieces which has been occupying our dining table for several months).

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This is going to be AWESOME!

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Maybe that could be a build for another time?