Pedal Switchers help


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Hey, is there anyway one can have say an OD pedal on the dirty channel of the amp, then switch to the clean channel via footswitch, and have the OD pedal turn off. In other words, somehow how have certain pedals linked to certain channels, so when the channels switch from dirty to clean, only the "assigned" pedals turn off or remain on...? Is there a pedal that could be fed all the pedals, and it sorts it out to be this way? Im just wondering because like i said, I want an OD boosting my dirty channel, but still be able to switch to clean without having to hit the channel switch and the OD on/off the exact same time. The more effects the harder it would be too. Just wondering if this is possible, and how.


Yes..rabid..that is correct
amon said:
Guess it is possible via MIDI. Or for creatures with enough feets.
lmao creatures with enough feets :D Not really sure to be honest, I have always just seen people go through made amounts of stomping really fast haha