I'm new to pedal boards. I have a Voo Doo Lab medium board with power supply. I'd like to know your suggested "chain" for the pedals I have. 1. Delay (MXR) 2. Chorus (MXR) 3. Reverb (Oceans 11) 4. Looper (TC Electronic) 5. Echo Shifter 6. Beat Buddy 7. Echo Plex 8. Overdrive (Dirty Shirley) 9. Compression (pulp n peel v4).

I'm past my prime with electronics, and all the wiz bang is making my head spin, but I think I can get it right if anyone can lend some knowledge. Thanks!!


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Ok I'm not an expert but I'd go..
compression You probably use this mostly for clean but compression into drive can be usefull while after drive the signal is already compressed.
overdrive best before all wonky time and mod stuff
chorus before delays because you want to get your sound ready before adding echo;s. but could be after the delays too depending on your goal
delay three delays.. I have no opinion on the order of these 3 tbh.. I don't know enough about the individual pedals to have an informed opinion
echo plex
echo shifter
reverb glues everything together or makes a huge wash of the sound. Either way best at the end.
looper you'll want to loop your final sound and be able to change the sound for each loop. So at the end.
beat buddy add drums after you've done what you want. putting it in front of the looper will make life very difficult with turning it on and off. before the other pedals will make a mess of the drum sound.


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I think there's two important things to remember when determining the order of pedals.

First of all, there is definitely a general rule to what goes where. Second, it's a general rule, meaning you are free to experiment with the order to figure out what you think sounds best. It is proven, though, that certain pedals work better in certain orders.

Some examples of things working in different places:

  • A wah is usually first because it works better with a clean signal going in. BUT, if you have certain types of fuzzes, like an octafuzz, you can get a cooler sound by putting the fuzz before the wah. That comes down to personal taste.
  • I always put my tuner after my wah, because you want a clean as possible signal to tune with. Lots of tuners are buffered, which is why I put it after the wah. I have seen people put tuners after drives. I believe Chappers used to do that because he liked how the buffer in his Boss tuner affected his drive sound.
  • The general rule for Pitch effects like a Whammy is also to put it near the beginning of your signal chain, before drives. Other pitch effects tend to work better after drives. This also comes down to personal taste.
  • A chorus can also be used before or after drive depending on taste.
  • Same goes for phasers. I prefer mine before drives because it will still be audible, but a bit more subtle than after the drives.
  • Delays will always sound cleaner after drives, BUT I have used delays before drives as well, mostly when using amp gain and not having or not wanting to use the effects loop. You can get cool and usable sounds like this, but you will have to set your delay in a different way.
That's my take on pedals. In the end it comes down to there are rules but hey are meant to be broken. So go nuts experimenting with the order until you find what works for you. If all fails, you can always watch this: