original ML-2 pickup heights


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Hi I have a W140104 ML-2 (Korea)

I noticed when i got it (second hand) that the pickup heights were a little 'wack' I am wanting to set them right. I am wondering what the desired heights are for the pickups (string pushed down to top of magnets) pref numbers for high and low E string please if possible. I have noticed a tiny bit of warble on high neck notes... (only noticed when unplugged) thanks peeps

ed lespaul

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To set them right, play them, and adjust to the height that suits you. Drop them down, then bring them up until you hear that warble. Then bring them back down to the previous spot. Also when dropped all the way down, play an open chord, and time how long it rings out. After you've done you adjustments, strum that chord again. If it's the same duration, or even just slightly less, you're good. If it chokes out, the pickup magnets are too close and affecting your notes.