Orange Crush 15R


The Plank Spanker
Since I don't have the motive to lug my 4x12 up and down 2 flights of stairs nearly every weekend to take it to gigs, should I buy the Crush for $75 used to put in my bedroom? Might also be great since i'll be going off to college in 1 year, and will not have the space to house my 4x12, nor the ability to crank my Tiny Terror in the dorms due to sound. What do all the monkeys of the jungle think?


Meh. Whatever.
Speaking from experience, even a small practice amp in a dorm or apartment will bring you nothing but grief. I'd suggest you invest in something like a Line-6 Pocket POD, or a Pandora and a nice set of headphones. If you feel the need to rock out loud you can either plug it into a stereo system or plug in some PC speakers. As an added bonus, you can drag your guitar out onto the campus grounds and play in the sunshine and pick up chicks.

Remember Twisted Sister? They tour without amps now, they just dial in their presets and save them on PODs and then plug the line out of the POD to the PA of the club they're playing in. Added bonus, you can play at ear-bleeding levels in the middle of the night without waking up the family, roommate, etc.

I've got my amp and stuff in the lower level of my house, but I keep a POD upstairs for when I get the urge to jam in the middle of the night.
save your money up and rent an apartment, living on campus is basically a no music zone. even an accoustic guitar is probably a no no if you have to live in the same room as someone else.

at least if you rent an apartment you can play your accoustic guitar at 2 am (and yes, you will be up at 2 am, gauranteed).
Yeah, i say go for it, I have to lug around my stuff everywhere to band practice and it's a big hassle. What works for me, is at night i either just play acoustic guitar or plug into my vox valvetronix. That thing is 30w and really quiet in comparison to my TT, So i say go for the crush, with something that small and cheap, like why not? its a brand you can trust, it sounds good.