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I've been looking for some guitar lessons, and have decided to go for online courses, rather than one to one.

Fender Play absolutely sucks if you're even moderately experienced. The Yousician site doesn't tell you how much it is, but just tries to tempt you in with a free trial, which is too cunty for my tastes. Truefire looks pretty good, and has a wide range of styles, genres etc, and Mark Agnesi mentioned the Amped Guitar Learning course that is offering 3 months free (although it's iTurd only at present). Can anyone recommend any of the above, or alternatives?


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Check out Andy James if you like metal, you can leave anytime so no long contracts, and he's an exceptional talent / educator. Avoid Tom Hess or anyone in his "elite" circle, poor quality and total rip off. Check out dime online if you fancy something certified though at a cost.


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I like Yousician - take the free trial for a week, cancel the automatic renewal, and they get back to you a few days later with a 25% off discount. The interface is one of the best I have come across and there are loads of songs, some getting quite difficult.


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Theory mainly. I'm looking for that "lightbulb" moment, when it all suddenly makes sense :)
cool that narrows is down a lot. I’ve had my mouse hovering over the Beato book for a while now.
Justin has a bit free and a bit paid for theory.

the thing about theory for me is a bit that it doesn’t always help me right away. I know how to build a major and minor scale. And I know how to build chords. But that knowledge doesn’t translate to playing for me.

at the other side. When I was trying to learn the fretboard and hit notes corresponding to the chords of my backing track triads suddenly clicked.

reading and hearing it from different people and wordings can help.


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