NSG x2


Nerd on the Prairie
Found an ad on a kind of local sale site for 2 guitar speakers. The pic on the ad was a Celestion Red Label Seventy 80. At first i wasn’t interested but it said multiple prices so I clicked it for giggles to find he was also selling a Jensen P12Q. Both are 8ohm. It was 225 miles away but I ended up getting both for the price of one.

Immediately pulled the ET90 out of my 212 and paired the Jensen with the WGS Liberator. I’m not sure if I’m sold yet. The Jensen isn’t as efficient as the ET90, so the Liberator really dominates. The switch did take out some of the heavy bass from the JTM45 and added to the mids and highs also allowing me to back down the presence a bit. It also gave it a bit of the “vintage” sound. How to explain what I mean with that... like if you played the same song on a CD vs Vinyl. Has that static.

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