NPCD! Oil City Pickups!


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As per a previous thread, I've become less than satisfied with my PRS SE recently and so I ordered a pair of hand wound pickups from Ash at Oil City Pickups, made in London. I chose an alnico 4 Nightfighter for the bridge (a 13k vintage hot, humbucker)


and a Mighty Ninety for the neck (a humbucker sized P90)


(Webpics because I'm far too impatient to take photos of something when all I want to do is fit the buggers!)

Ash was great and replied to my order with some recommendations. He did try to steer me in the direction of his new cover for the Mighty Ninety which sounds even better but as a vain bastard, I declined the extra overtones in favour of a standard nickel/chrome cover. If I was having a matching pair of Mighty Nineties I'd have done it though.

Both turned up quickly (I'd asked Ash to delay dispatching for a few days due to being away but they took about a week) and well packaged in plastic playing card boxes. I think there's an awful lot of hype about pickups right now and I'm not about to spend £200 on the more well known brands but £120 for a pair of handwound pickups including delivery seemed pretty good to me.

Out came the soldering iron and with absolutely no issues the pair are in. My initial opinion is very good. I took a little time balancing the heights to get the best tones and balance when switching because I'd prefer them a little lower than too high they do sound rather lovely. I don't own any P90s so I don't have any direct comparisons for the Mighty Ninety but it does exactly what I hoped. With a 22 fret neck and 24.5" scale, I found the original pickup woolly with no definition but the P90 is clearer, brighter, nicely powerful but without being too nice as it has that P90 meanness.

The Nightfighter, well that's rather a surprise. With the volume pot knocked down a little it does a slightly raunchy rhythm tone. Put it to 10 and I'm exactly where I wanted. Rude, plenty of lows, mids and a cutting top end. Perfect for some high gain rhythm playing a la Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains.

As I get older, I use the neck humbuckers on my guitars less and what I've realised is that I don't want the sound of the same pickup in a different position; I want contrasting tones but without losing too much power and I think I've found it.
Everyone should have a wicked screaming p90 or a variant of it in the neck in one of their guitars for global health reasons. That type of pickup is something else, unreal! I've yet to find one I really dont like.



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If you could post a video review that would be awesome!

I've seriously thought about buying some of these but just never followed though. I always wanted someone to get some first, haha!

I really want some Lindy Fralin p94's, but if these are cheaper and just as good then why not!?


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I'll see what I can do, not done a video before so it could be interesting! I've got no idea if it sounds like a 'great' P90. I've played P90s occasionally before but usually just launch straight into great big riffs on the bridge pickup. The other guitarist in my band has an Epiphone Coronet with a single BKP P90, maybe I'll have a go on that for comparison.

The instructions also came with documentation on what wires to use for various settings and it instantly made me think of you Robstafarian. My next action was to lob them in the bin! Meh, I don't need no fancy switching! Clanking bridge 'bucker and some buttery neck tone when I need some subtlety and I'm done thanks ;) (except when I'm in the studio and my G&L single coils get splattered over everything!)