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After letting the PRS S2 I had been watching slip through my fingers I regrouped. I had sold my THR10X and Schecter 12 string acoustic. I still had my American Special Strat on the sale block and a couple nice paychecks on the way.

I was watching a couple PRSi on Reverb and a handful of Les Pauls. Then I found it. Angels sang to me and I redoubled my efforts to sell the Strat. Tons of calls and emails, but nobody wanting to pay. So I listed it on Reverb too. I don’t know why I get nervous of selling nationally but I do. But I needed the dang thing gone before I could pull the trigger. I got a bunch of messages, views, and watches... still no buyers despite being $295 less than the others like it on Reverb.

I was getting desperate. I already had one sell out from under me, and 2 offers had been made on this one. The wife and I discussed how pretty it was and wondered why the higher price. After she said, “well I was going to buy it for you but now I’m not.”


“If you want it just get it.”

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Oh Lord!!!!! Love it, and I think I've told you before that I love the pilsen too :). Makes some noise friend

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