NGD - Yes, it's Purple.


I... I like trees.
Not gonna write a book about it just yet, but after some chats with the lovely @Lonestar , about my desire for a Strat, he unexpectedly presented something pretty in purple, that was just about ready to go...
Needless to say, I was a wee bit interested.
After some shopping and decision making, a deal was stuck, parts were picked, pickups wound, a Warmoth neck was ordered, and the wait began.

My postman decided they couldn't be bothered to deliver the body to my door, and took it back round to the Post office, instead, leaving a note to pick it up the next day. I was moderately displeased...
After fetching the body, I went home and began assembly, which went swimmingly... Until I went to install the string trees and broke a screw clean off, in the headstock... Twice. After swearing at the low quality screws and panicking for a while, I took it to a local shop to get it sorted out, and was on my way to finishing it... Again.
After I had it all done, I let it settle overnight, then did the final setup and all last night.

So, with an SC Relics Guitars body, a Warmoth neck, (mostly) Gotoh parts, and some very fine Radioshop Chris Buck signature pickups, she is finally complete, and ready to be played.
And here she be... The Mighty Roctopus™.

And yes, it IS purple, depending on the lighting.
Here's some evidence.


beans & rice

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Bajillions of them out there, but there is something undeniable about the magic when you hold a strat. And a purple strat at that. You and Pete with your purpleness make me jealous.

It's a beaut.


I... I like trees.
Gorgeous Strat!

So how good are the Chris Buck pickups?

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I am far from an expert on single coils (or Strats, considering I've only had a "Starcaster" and a Squire Affinity...), but from what I've played in the past, these... feel better.
Each pickup has its own voice, and none feel like I'll be completely neglecting them, or anything (yes, even the middle position).
The neck pickup makes me happy inside and I can't make it sound bad. That's a glowing endorsement, I suppose.
In-between sounds are smooth and pleasant, especially the neck and middle combination (position... 4..? 2..? I always forget).
The bridge pickup is slightly quieter than I expected (I don't want to move it any closer to the strings, for the sake of volume, just yet, because I fear the clarity will suffer, but we'll see), but pokey (as it should be) and usable for cutting through.
And overall, the noise level could be worse, though my high-gain settings on the Katana (designed for my ESP's Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat humbucker) are making very good use of the noisegate that I increased the intensity of... cause it's a bit noisy with the gain nearly on full (as you might imagine).

I "accidentally" played for a couple hours, while "testing them" through the clean and crunch settings and nearly wrote an entire song, so that felt nice.
If I had a complaint, it would be... the screws for adjusting the height are slightly more difficult to adjust, than I'd like.
I know, terrible shame, that.
Zero sound complaints, so far, though.


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Purple shall be it's colour. No brighter, no darker. Purple shalt be the colour and the colour shall be purple. Red shalt it not be, neither shall it be pink, excepting when layering the paint. Black is right out. Once the colour purple, being the best purple is reached thou shalt rock out.
I love it!

It's funny, I use the middle pickup on my strat a lot because it's the "base" tone" go towards the neck and it gets heavier, go towards the bridge and it's brighter. I like the in between settings but almost never use the bridge pickup on it's own.