NGD - The waiting and teaser

Still waiting. How long does CITES paperwork take? 2 months? Thinking of canceling the order.

EDIT: Holy shit! No sooner had I posted this, did I get an email from GG that the CITES paperwork is in and it’s being shipped!
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Magnus Pym

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It's an ES335 I think. the 355 has the additional tone control knob and some fancier finishings. Both are semi-hollow so the bridge and tailpeice can screw directly into the wood block underneath. A Casino has P90's and is fully hollow and so has a floating bridge and a long tail piece attached to the end where the strap screws in.
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I tried uploading some other pics, but wasn’t having any luck yesterday. I got one to go in today.
The stop bar and some other metal parts are aluminum, so they have this nice, aged sheen to them from oxidation. It’s like built in relic’ing. And I love the smell of Gibsons. That nitro finish is sweet smelling.
I plugged in to my little Vox mini5 on the AC15 setting last night in the .1W mode. It sounded great even on that little thing. I’m going to plug in to the Frenzel this weekend when I don’t have to worry about waking up the baby.