NGD....... The pursuit of low latency triggering of Alicia Keys


That's not new, its always been there.
I play guitar way better than I play keyboard. I love my GR 55. So much so I bought it a Godin to play with. BUT the irk is that the GR 55 is slow at triggering external synths - so my large collection of software instruments is......... only playable by my fists of ham raining down on cheap plastic keys.

Till now.
This is a (sadly discontinued) Terratec Axon 100 mkII guitar to midi interface. It connects to the 13 pin Roland style midi guitar.....and has some internal sounds... but puts most of its effort into sending the note info out via midi as fast as it can.
2020-09-03 14.19.14.jpg

My Helix passes it to my pc... and we're 'at the races' ! I need to work out how to get the sound from my pc through the Helix DSP paths.... which may involve some separate usb interface shenanigans.

2020-09-03 14.27.49.jpg

Current state of the monolith with NO MORE RACK SPACE........*
When I get a new usb-midi cable thing - I'll be able to access the PC editor which opens up a huge amount of editabilty. Assigning instruments to strings and regions of the fretboard etc.

2020-09-03 14.27.36.jpg
NB - the Korg tuner was an impulse purchase, and its brilliant.

*ha ha! I can add a single IVAR side and make it twice as wide........... D'oh !!
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That's not new, its always been there.
Nice, that's going to be fun.
It is.

I've swizzed through the onboard sounds which are..... super meh. THere are some cool synth sounds and pads, but the pcm sounds are a bit naff. But thats not what we got it for.

Where this is going to be cool is triggering pc synths* from a nylon acoustic (comfortable to play) without a software encoder repeatedly crashing or demo timing out has been a long term goal. While the Fishman system is technically better and pc based - is price isn't much cheaper, and its not compatible with nylon. (and its an ugly stick on/strap on just like the Roland soooooooo.

I also really like the trigger/decay settings - it has a bit more detail in dialling in the note triggering - and has a live display of either the note or the individual string volumes (so that when one of the RMC saddles dies... i can see which one.. :(

* I really like NI Kontakt, but have models of other classics like the Oberheim (mainly for Van Halenesque fun)