NGD - The Best Not-a-Gibson in the World... Probably...


Stop, don’t, come back.
hello all. not bee round much recently. thought i would share

went to Guitarguitar in Epsom yesterday, lots of nice things

then Andertons. they had a Caitlenbread Calisto i wanted to try out. while the chap found a working PSU, i went to get a guitar for testing purposes. they have all the new Gibsons, CS Fenders, PRS, etc.

but i walked past to the 2nd hand section, where i knew they had a faded LP i wanted to try

and there, on top of the stand, was a guitar i have wanted for some time

a Maybach Lester - this one is a year or so old, in "Earl Grey" with the 60s taper neck profile

took it and tested the Pedal through a Hamstead. and Jesus sprang a tear

its all stock, and everything is just a step up - specs here if you are interested

having tried the new Gibsons, it is far, far better than (when new) similarly priced Classic. its easily en par with the Standard 60s, and the finish is better imho

but where it really makes a difference is in the weight. the body is 2 pc magohony. because they don't use 1 pc, they don't have to reject so much lumbar.

one of their goals is all the Lesters should weigh no more than 4kg. this one weighs 3.65kg. the new Standard my mate has on reserve at Andertons is 4.75kg

the in house pickups are not rage-buckers, so kick out a sweet tone that you can crack up easily; the middle position scoops out for a delightful cleaned up sound

it was not inexpensive, but at just over half the price of a new Gibson std, this guitar is at once a bargain and alongside my Orville and Edwards, will be happy to take on any "real" ones for tone, looks and playability

here are some pics - just look at the case, ffs

ps - i bought the pedal too... in for a penny, etc...

d349dee7-32e7-41d4-8024-873af7b09676.jpg a0f22cdd-eb17-4686-9a68-07fa544c2be2.jpg 418018e0-6694-41e4-a5e3-8f1794df74c8.jpg d1ab6fba-3404-4f08-8467-2bf7970e25e4.jpg dbf92cd6-8ce4-425a-84dd-536ba129aab6.jpg ce253d27-2151-4e3a-8b81-465eb07358f0.jpg 36fc19f8-218f-48ac-b091-e0109c889c42.jpg 740013a1-774c-411c-ad90-d1283e96b0fa.jpg 585f89c0-8274-43c0-81e9-4a438714321e.jpg ac49903f-e8d8-4032-a3e2-f62fc381123c.jpg


Stop, don’t, come back.
i've been playing a bit and this is a great, great guitar

i had a chat with the man himself, Lee Anderton, in the shop. they used to stock Maybach, but - in his word - his customers "did not get the proposition" and preferred gibsons. their money, so their choice. and their loss

i also accused Lee of being a bad influence; he chuckled as i emptied my bank account into his :)