NGD: So yellow it hurts


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For a while I've been toying with the idea of getting one of my Fender Stratocasters resprayed in yellow, but I could never decide on which one to do it on. The decision was made much simpler when a seller I regularly follow on Reverb popped this beauty up. It was a no-brainer purchase. So, here's my latest find: A Fender 62' Reissue Stratocaster in rebel yellow!


I've replaced the scratchplate and pickup covers with black ones because.....well, I do that to all my guitars, I guess. It’s an O-Serial CIJ from 1997-2000, not sure of the exact year but that means it's either a Tokai or Dyna Gakki made one. It's in great condition, and sounds great coming stock with Texas Special pickups. If it had a maple board then it would be perfect, but I'm actually enjoying the rosewood fingerboard as it's a lot lighter in colour than some of my other guitars....and plays fantastic!

Luckily I already had the matching Couch strap in yellow and black, so it's almost like it was meant to be :D

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Thanks for the love! The funny thing about this to me is that in the past I used to hate on Fender and Stratocasters because I thought they were boring. Now here's my collection:

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Time changes us all :p
Nice. It's funny how tastes change, I've been looking at strats and teles a lot more recently. Historically I've never been a single coil person but since I got a p90 guitar I've opened up more to different pickups. It also help that my musical tastes have broadened.