NGD - ? of 5


Stop, don’t, come back.
There are a few linked threads

2 of 5 - LP Custom

1 of 5 - 52 RI Tele

the remaining are...

Gretsch White Falcon
Rickie 12 String

But i also want a decent 000-esque acoustic. and a Strat. my mate has an Eric Johnson strat which is one of the best guitars i have played

i didn't get that

i got this +edit+ and new strings. the ones on this are rank


1995 '62 RI USA Strat

so not a Gretsch. or a Rickie. but its - to quote my friend - "the best playing and sounding strat (he'd) ever held"

thank you Andertons

i also got these which sound mint


some more pics to keep you all going

as you were

IMG_20191231_193741389.jpg IMG_20191231_200049649.jpg IMG_20191231_200041761.jpg IMG_20191231_193731594.jpg IMG_20191231_194505129.jpg

Wade Garrett

I am the projectionist.
Niiiiice! I fully approve. I re visited your previous purchases and I found my self nodding my head while making "that" face. You know, when you really dig something and you look you're disgusted/in pain. :D

I'm buzzed for you. You goals are very worthy! Mega sweet.

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Now that, right there, is a STRAT.
<reaches for appropriate pic>
Avri’s are a delight and I’m so pleased this one has found its way into your (increasingly!) impressive collection!