NGD (Nearly!)


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It’s been ages since I’ve been on here..
Nice to see that people’s guitar collections are still growing. Which brings me neatly round to the fact i “did a thing”
I saw a (fairly prolific) you tuber the other day doing an unboxing and when I saw what he had It didn’t take long to convince myself i needed one as well..
It is a guitar(!) it’s on its way from Germany and should arrive tomorrow so hopefully some pics and thoughts in the next few days!!
(Quite excited really.. wanted to share!!)


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It’s at least in the country..!!

It’s got more than one cutaway...
The review I saw was from a chap who’s not sceptical about the brand...
Hopefully the courier will arrive before I have to go to work!!


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UPS have been...


The box had been absolutely battered so I was a bit worried but the box the guitar was in was fine

So a bit more unwrapping and I found this..

View attachment 36333 5037558B-913C-4AF1-9648-169F7CDC2AAB.jpeg

Which contained this
A Harley Benton CST 24 HB

I’d been passing a bit of time browsing YouTube and saw chinaguitarsceptic
Unboxing one Thomann has sent and I just thought it looked really nice and sounded good (through his rig)

I took a slight gamble and ordered a B stock one that said it had slight signs of use.
For £170 posted I’m quite impressed. It’s built well, surprisingly heavy. The pickups sound good, the coil tap is effective. It can go from les Paul (ish) to strat (ish)
It’s quite loud unplugged, and does ring out.
Squeals a bit on high gain settings but I’m not surprised, I wasn’t stood that far from my amp!
Oh my setup is the basic side of basic at the moment. Guitar.. cable.. into Vox vt15.

I can’t see any signs of use on it, it was almost in tune when it arrived and the intonation is pretty good.

Couple of bad points. The biggest being the fret ends are really not finished well at all.
I’m confident I can sort this out, YouTube is a great learning resource..!!
The tuners are obviously cheap as well. They seem to hold tune but feel inconsistent. Again no biggy.

Overall quite happy with that, ordered Sunday night (yes, I’d had a drink..) so only 4 working days which I thought was impressive

I’d definitely buy another Harley Benton but I think it’s very obvious with hindsight that whilst I don’t question the honest, impartial reaction from CGS when I saw his vid, it’s obvious that Thomann send him one that had extra attention on the setup, and I didn’t even get a set of picks!!

Anyway I’m going to let it settle a bit and have another look at the setup in a few days.

It’s a nice addition to my collection of fairly cheap guitars!
I gotta keep up with the theme:

Happy new guit day man! I hope you enjoy it and hone your skills! :)

I’m always striken by the first glance beauty Harley Bentons can be. Interesting guitars!


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Well, a week in and so far so good!!

I ordered a couple of fret files, they weren’t expensive and had a go at the fret ends.
It’s not perfect but it’s a lot better than it was. I’m going to stop messing now for fear of buggering it up completely!
The neck is different to what I’m used to, it’s very nice though, I’m getting on with it.
I think the truss rod might need a little tweak now it’s been in a warm house for a while but that’s not a bother.
I’m really impressed with how good it sounds. I mentioned up there somewhere that I’m playing through a Vox vt15 amp. Obviously some of the sounds aren’t a good match but to borrow a catchphrase “all the EQ’s at noon, little bit of reverb” I can make an acceptable noise!
In all really happy, my big problem now is I’d like another..I’ve got my eye on the paradise flame CST24T
Is this the start of something.......!!!!