NGD: How's this for Black'n'Pointy?


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So after a $#%& month and a bit with a ruined clutch and wedding bills soaring I had a stroke of luck and got this old Beast for a steal!
I used to have the old BC Rich catalog and I loved these, so mental but I could never find one...luckily the seller kindly drove it to my house!
It needs new strings BADLY but I was successful in setting up the Floyd and getting it cleaned :):D
Now pics!



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I have no fucking idea what they were doing when designing that, or if they achieved it. It's fucking mental and weird and stuff but maybe life's too short for flame tops and drop tops, right?

Kinda reminds me of a girl I once knew. Full on metal/punk, tattoos and piercings, with coloured hair. She scared the shit out of me too but good god......


B.C. Rich fanboi
So the first rusty string has popped it's clogs which means I get to engage modding protocols!
Going full metal: -
EMG 85X neck pickup
EMG 81X bridge pickup
Two volumes
Locking Gotoh Tuners (purely to make life quicker)
Vintage BC Rich Top-Hat Knobs.

That should do it! :D


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I've seriously considered getting something like this just to frustrate the wife. She already thinks my Flying Vs are over the top.

Not even close, dear. Not even close.
Just mentioning that I liked these as a teen used to frustrate my dad to the point where he offered to pay for a decent guitar as long as I don't get a BC Rich. I got a PRS Tremonti SE. Still have it 14 years later.