NGD: Gibson LP Classic 2015

I couldn't resist one of the last 2015 Les Pauls at a knockdown price, almost 50% off (£829 instead of £1599). This is my first Gibson, and I wasn't really planning on buying one right now but figured that if I don't like it, I should be able to sell it for no less than what I paid.

I might do a short review video; I'm also thinking that a comparison with my Epiphone Rosso Corsa could be interesting. Until then, though, here are a few quick piccies.





Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.
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Is that fire burst?
Very nice.
I like everything about those (cough ... except the black back and sides, but I guess you don't see that when you're playing, right?!)

That sale was phenomenal ... a combination of a slow market and dislike of the (fantastic) 2015 line.
I wonder if opportunities like that will happen again this decade ...

Congratulations my man ... great score.
Thanks guys. I like the flame top a lot too, and they've actually done it nicely so that the irregular bit comes out of the bridge - that was a smart move. It also looks quite deep and three-dimensional when you move it about.

Honestly, it looks better than I expected so I'm very pleased with that, and very happy with it overall. I certainly wouldn't have bought it at full price, but for what I paid I think it's a bargain.

I think the pick guard is going to live inside the case, which will go back inside the Gibson box and live in the attic. The case is very nice, by the way - I like the gold exterior!

Slightly surprised at the lack of case candy - from Gibson, there's only the case key, a photo of the guitar on the QA bench (I presume) and the QA checklist. No allen key for the nut or bridge (shouldn't be a problem as I have plenty of them anyway), and no instructions on using the GForce, so I'll have to work that out. I managed to get it to tune it up, but I'll have to look online to see how you change tunings etc.

The two volume pots lift up to split the coils.

I just checked on and in fact I'm missing things that should be in the case, specifically the following:

Tools: Truss Rod Wrench, .050 + 2.5mm Allen wrenches, G FORCE Charging Adapter

Manual: Gibson USA Owner's and G FORCE QUICK START

My guess is that this is a returned item and they didn't get all of the bits back. I shall email DV247 to complain. I'm not bothered about the Allen keys or manuals too much, but the truss rod wrench and the charging adapter in particular are important.
The charger IS important, but you'll get hundreds of tune-ups out of one charge.
Presuming that it's not been used much ...

I'd be happy to scan you the G-Force instructions ...
I have found the instructions on Gibson's website so I'm fine there, but thank you for the offer!

I've emailed DV247 to ask what they propose to do about it. I also (eventually) found the charger on the Gibson website, where it can be ordered for $19.99, although I'm sure that even if they would send one to Belgium, the shipping and taxes would easily double that cost. It doesn't seem to be available from normal music stores like Anderton's.

Anyway, I need to play this thing! And before I do much of that, I need to spend a bit of time on my cross-trainer so that I don't get too fat to reach the guitar!!
Oh, and wait until you see the strap I've ordered for this guitar! Most of you will probably say it looks horrible :D In the meantime I'm going to steal a strap from another guitar.

And PS yes, it is a Fireburst.
DV247 have emailed me back to say that they will send me a replacement accessory kit, so that should solve my problems.

I had a bit of a play with it last night. Generally nice to play (although my fingertips went a bit black). Access to the top frets is hampered a bit by the rather thick neck joint, so I can definitely see the advantage of the new HP models. Good range of sounds, with the tone knob making a big difference. I didn't really explore the coil splits last night.

G Force tuning...yes, not bad, although anything other than basic tuning requires fiendishly complex sequences of button presses.

Certainly well worth the price that I paid, I don't think I would have paid the full price, and I still think PRS make better playing guitars although I want to compare the pickups.


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Looks nice, I almost bought one of these from Andertons.

But the boost switch just didn't look right to me I looked into replacing the set up with normally wirring but the switch hole isn't in the right place!

Also get onto Gibson and get the replacement nut they are sending out to replace the soft brass one.