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A few months ago, I posted in the GAS thread about a used Telecaster Special (mid-90s model) in the music shop I started working at. After successfully keeping it away from any interested customers, I finally got to use my employee discount and snatch it up. Was pretty dirty, but once I cleaned it up and put some fresh Elixir 11's on, it feels even nicer.

I've also recently began to seriously pursue making a pedalboard. I started with reverb pedals, and after playing through all the ones in the store, I narrowed it down to the Wampler Ethereal and a used Strymon Flint. Both sound gorgeous, but I couldn't resist the Flint's tremolo, and it does ambient sounds well enough. Plus I'd prefer to have separate controls for a delay. I also got a (comparatively) good price on it with my discount.

Finally, pictures!


It comes stock with a humbucker and a 5-way switch, allowing for combinations of split and full humbucker sounds. The previous owner put a set of three brass saddles on, which apparently was a common mod for it.


With my other two Mexican Fenders:


With my original Chapman ML-1. My girlfriend makes fun of me for my taste in guitar colors...


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i love the flint, tremolo is probably my favorite effect and I think that tremolo rivals the fulltone supatrem which is the one I use. the only problem for me is i like my reverb in the loop and my trem in the front of the amp. but great purchase.

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