NGD - 2 of 5...


Stop, don’t, come back.
i have 5 bucket list guitars, and have succeeded in nearly having none of them

1/ Gibson LP Custom
2/ 52 Tele
3/ ES355
4/ Gretsch White Falcon
5/ Rick 330 12 String

i got a 52 Tele RI last year, but the rest have proven difficult through a mix of lack of funds and my own damned stupidity

last week i want to look at a 1975 LP Custom, and i loved it. but the price... even after discount it was just too much



and missed out on a 1979 3 pickup custom. it went for stupid, stupid cheap - but it needed a lot of work - frets esp - and had 3 pickups. i wanted 2

so i watched one. and watched. and watched. and watched. and last second...


still cost too much, but a lot less than i expected

it is...

a 2001 CS LP Custom '68 reissue. honey sort of flamed front, red back and side, weighs a lot more than my various standards

it was filthy. strings all corroded, etc. so the outside is clean as a whistle now with fresh set of D'addario 11's installed as well as straplocks

internally is a different story. one of the pots, the neck volume, is really crackly. when i opened it up, the back of the pots a have a weird white furring all over them. not pretty. hopefully not harmful

and - worse - it has shit ceramic caps on the tone pots

so some work will be done there - probably CTS no load pots and russian paper will be ordered in oil caps in a couple of weeks

funnily, the grak in the cavity doesn't effect the tone - it sounds like you'd expect, loud, crunchy, all the mids. i think the pickups are burstbuckers, though i have been wrong before. clean, its capable, but no splits or anything so its full output all the way

the neck is a nice handful, and plays well across the range of frets

the weight and the back binding make it a little uncomfortable, but having had a couple of epi LP customs in the past, its not a shock

so, box # 2 ticked. the other 3? well, 2 are sort of achievable. but the white falcon?? maybe if i win the lottery or rob a bank

side note - now i have this, there will be a couple of sacrifices. i am keeping my Maybach, which is the best std i have ever played bar none. so my Orville and Edwards, stalwart friends and great guitars, will soon be up for sale

here's some pics - check out them pots - YUCK!!! (if the fur is harmful, don't tell me. i prefer blissful ignorance...)

IMG-20190709-WA0000.jpeg c4b46a77-f816-46d7-ae91-39996df02938.jpg 10bd376e-0abf-4c0e-b2e7-b631f66db898.jpg 72abfddf-1682-47fa-9807-74fcc7ca156d.jpg d155578e-dad6-4825-b432-c1f22a8ff144.jpg 0746614f-2882-431c-ba12-f54036444c46.jpg

Magnus Pym

Grudges rot the soul

The white powdery surface could be aluminium oxide but you would usually only see that if it had been kept in a corrosive atmosphere. Was it owned by a lighthouse keeper?
Actually this together with corroded strings probably does point to it having been on a boat or at least by the seaside for some time.


Stop, don’t, come back.
done a small mod

as mentioned, the pots were covered in weird stuff...


replaced with some nice Alphas; an orange drop for the bridge. there is a PIO cap arriving soon for the neck


then a treble bleed on the bridge as well


and the old knobs were getting a bit crumbly. so they are replaced with speed knobs. and no thumb bleeders


bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Well BAJEESUS!:eek:
If <checks time> this is the last NGD I see before we hit 2020 then it’s a belter to end the decade on!
Hot damn, @johnniegoat what an absolutely glorious* score
And bloody chuffed for you too.
A man who loves his Lesters as much as you deserves some major swaggage like this!

*alien spore infestation aside