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This is my first forum that I have joined. I used to play about 20 years ago and then stopped, but just this year I wanted to start playing again. I have two guitars at
the moment both are which the vintage brand - a vrs150 in honeyburst and a v6 icon in sunburst - I aim to get the v100 pgm(the one with the reversed middle pickup and out of phase wiring for that Gary Moore sound). I also have a Zoom ms50g effects pedal. As for the amp I have a gear4music 35w solid state which is mediocre to say the least but it was only £85. Let me know what you think about the Vintage guitar brand and also I would like a new amp and was thinking of getting the Boss Katana MkII 50w so please let me know what you think of this amp or if you have any recommendations I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Welcome mate, you joined the right forum, we're a friendly bunch here. Vintage make some great guitars, my girlfriend had an SG copy that played really well.

The Katana would be a great choice, it's a great sounding amp with good effects. You can't go wrong with it.


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Welcome! Vintage makes great guitars for the money. You really can't go wrong with it.

As for the amp, for home use and even small gigs, the Katana should be just fine! You might even consider getting rid of the Zoom and getting the matching footswitch in stead.


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Hello and welcome!
It’s nice to see the community keeps growing. It’s even better to see you’re again interested in playing music, after that long break. It’s never too late to return to having fun with guitars.
I’m sure the advice you’re getting on the Katana is good. I’d however visit a store and try a few amps, including the Katana, with your favorite guitar before deciding.
You may find you prefer something else. Even if you end up with the Katana, you’ll know you tried other things and will not have the ‘what if’ itch.


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Welcome old timer. :)

Never heard a bad word about Vintage guitars, or the Katana. But I'd really suggest you take a look at 1W-5W second-hand valve amps as well. ;)