New member intro

Hello everyone!

I've peeked here and there at this forum in the past and didn't even think of it after getting my ML1 Baritone until now! It only took a year to remember haha ;)
I can elaborate a little more on myself now that I have a moment! (Duty was calling at work)

I've been primarily a bassist for over 26 years... started on a cello then switched to upright bass, then got my first bass in 8th grade and never looked back! Played in many bands, all different styles and types of gigs. Now I just write and record at home. I had been searching for a 6 string to write with since any other electrics I've had were uninspiring. Until I found Chapman! I was going to pick up an ML1 Modern but Riff City had a good deal on the Baritones last summer. I couldn't refuse after trying it out, and I'm so happy I bought it!

Tonewise I like the Chapman's but i'm thinking a pickup swap is in order, so that's why I'm here to start picking brains and getting opinions. Among other nerdy guitar things we all like to post about!