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Hey guys i may as well post here for this question.
When my birthday day hits i should have about 1000AUD and am thinking about a new amp, currently i use an Orange Crush 30R with a Boss Hyper Metal from the 90's for my br00tal. I play bands like Trivium, Parkway Drive, As Blood Runs Black, Lamb of God & Killswitch Engage.

I can get an OD if the amp is lacking in Gain.

The thing is my Orange just doesn't cut it.. i can't crank it pass 2. I am wanting a nice tube amp but the thing is i couldn't crank it.. and an attentuator cost like 400AUD+ from America.

So i am kinda stuck... help?

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Save up and get a Tiny Terror with a 2x12 mate, it's everything that you need and more...

I don't know what 1000 AUD equates to in UK GBP but over here you could get a second hand TT and cab for about £700, don't buy new... there's no need ;)

I would go and try as much stuff as you can.

If your loving the Orange sound, definitely consider the TT .

On the other hand If you havent ever tried any Mesa stuff, I suggest you do.

The Mesa Recto series has a very loose sounding gain channel that some (a lot) of people really dig.
Currently im playing some of the same music you are and I have a Single Rec, but find it to be too loose. Im not sure if its the same price over there but you can check out a Mesa Stiletto which is a tighter more versatile amp than the Recto (thats what I ended up switching too) and I know they run for about 1000$ used over here.

Sorry if my price range is way off :D