Need help in choosing the right Focusrite Scarlett input device.


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Ok so, as the thread states i need help for metal recording (guitar) with a EMG set of 81 and 85 active pickups. I can choose between the Solo Pack (headphones and mic), 2i2 and 2i4 for the money i have. I recorded yesterday with an 2i4 for the first time but it has the pad function that reduces the signal by 10db. Now getting the solo pack would be best for my needs but i don't know if it can handle the emg's. I need help from you experienced guys in choosing the right focusrite scarlett for the job.


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Pads are handy but don't forget that your EMGs are gonna be sending a compressed signal. So there will be fewer large transients. If you set the input gain right you shouldn't get any clipping on the interface pad or not.

Are you going direct into the interface? Will be you recording anything else in tandem? The extra I/O should be handy for that but if you don't need it save your cash. I think all the preamps are the same across the Scarlett range (correct me if i'm wrong). I used the old gen 2i2 for a long time before moving on and I only did that so I could use the blend feature on a different interface, which is super handy. I also used it with EMG 81/85 direct for a short time. Nothing blows up.


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I use a 2i2 at home. I've recorded EMG's on there without problem. As @A-D-L says, as long as the input gain is right it shouldn't cause any issues.


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Sorry for the long silence :) I got a Focusrite Solo and its great. Yes i do have clipping after 10% of gain, but the pickups are really hot, so before i start recording solid demos i will get a DI box to tame the emg's a bit :)

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The headphones in that set are far from the best, so don't bother using that as a barometer in your choice. Try to get the most number of inputs/outputs you can afford. Do not settle for less.

I originally started with an 18i6, and even that became a hassle, swapping different devices in and out all the time. I now have an 18i20 (whcih I bought used), and have never been happier. No swapping. Everything is always connected.

When someone comes over my house, they just plug in, and we can both play all night. You can record everyone at that same time, just by setting different tracks in your daw to the different inputs.

In a band setting, you can use the software to create different monitor mixes for each player. It's just a fantastic device, and I use it daily.

So, if you can afford another Focusrite with more inputs, go for it. You wont regret it.