NBD: First multi-scale


Still haven't got the hang of Thursdays
More pics:
Back.jpg Detail.jpg Headstock.jpg
So, you can see in the first pic I posted, this bass is very similar to the Ibanez next to it. Pretty sure Cort is the ghost builder of the Ibanez, and I do prefer the wood choices in that instrument (burled poplar top, purpleheart fretboard and neck stripes, mahogany body), but the Cort is very nice. The spalted maple is very pretty and the panga panga fretboard is gorgeous. I was actually very curious as to how the panga panga was going to look in person. I didn't want anything too close to rosewood. It was described as close to wenge and that's how I'd describe it, too, but with prettier figuring.

I plays almost exactly like the Ibanez, except the multiscale means the bass strings have better tension. The neck is a little thicker, too, which is a positive for me.
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