NAMM 2019

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Hey guys,

I thought I'd just keep you in the loop of this years NAMM.

Chapman is at NAMM, but we didn’t need a stand this year... We don’t need a stand because we are focusing instead on building our own internal infrastructure to support the growing number of global retailers, especially since GC came on board... I'm not saying we don’t want new retailers, (I'd love L&M) just that it’s not a priority.

Instead we have an exclusive “Oasis of peace” hotel suite for retailers and artists only.

That means that for the first time in years I'm pretty much free to run around!! Rabea, Matt and myself will be shooting a fun, light hearted mini documentary of the Chapman team behind-the-scenes at the NAMM, running around meeting friends, artists, retailers and other brands at the show (But will feature the whole team). I'll also be playing and signing at the show for Boss, Ernie Ball, Victory etc ;-)

It's going to be a celebration of our friendship with other brands, alongside us just being stupid ha ha.

Take it easy!



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Odd to me that there is dwindling stock and certain models being discontinued (here in Canada at least), now no booth at NAMM.

One can only hope Chappers is focusing on his band right now and more guitar goodness will follow at some point. Maybe it is just a lull to liquidate remaining stock and reassess future builds/models.

Either way I am glad I got the guitars I have while I could, and hope there is a chance to score the Obsidian burst semi hollow here in Canada at some point. Not sure if that will mean ordering through a US dealer....which would suck cause then I have to bend over and pay through the nose for it....but that hasn't stopped me before.

Either way looking forward to the vid coverage from Rob and crew, always informative and entertaining.