NAD: Fuchs blackjack 21 mk2


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So I was really getting cold feet about the synergy system. The influence of the power amp, but also that I simply can't play it long enough to really form a solid opinion on it made me doubt if I should go for it. I had a line on a mark V:25 but the seller was being a pain pricewise.. So I was looking around.. Considered trying H&K.. They're so much cheaper then mesa here in europe.. Tried a marshall.. And then the blackjack turned up secondhand.. Asking price of 950.. I got it down to 800 by linking to a store that I suspect is severely underpricing the amp.. And got a deal if I liked it. (The going price in the us is $1650 so for 800 euro I'm pretty happy)

After quite a drive out to the boonies I spend an hour chatting and playing and decided to take the amp. I'm a bit jealeous because he got a friedman.. Holy cow what a monster is that.


So the fuchs..
It does very near fender cleans. There's a very slight sparkle missing but I might have to put the treble boost on the attenuator a bit higher. Click on the boost and the tone gets a lot warmer. The volume does take a bit step up on the clean channel though.

For gain.. The range of this thing is great.. Low gain gives a nice crunchy tone. There's a tone knob for the gain channel that acts as a hi-cut that helps if you want to go nice and deep voiced or more screaming and searing. It's not quite a metal amp but it does go up to a nice aggressive marshall tone. The boost here give it just that bit more gain you need to stand out with a solo, a bit more midsy and volume. The amp is compressing heavily here so I can imagine if you're playing with a band you'd increase the amount of boost it gives or just use a pedal..

And yes you can set the boost level.. You'll need a screwdriver and some common sense though
Yes I was running that hot so I could judge where the trimmer should be at..

All in all I'm quite happy with the amp. It is loud enough so I might get that heavier attenuator in the end. But for now it's fine.
The fx loop is a 1 port TRS affair and I need to get a cable for that so I haven't tried it with effects yet. (I did test the loop before taking it)

On a sidenote, the guys at Fuchs were an absolute charm helping me set the gain boost. Quick reply's good information, offered to take pictures of where I had to be if I didn't see it.. Really great. If only for the support I'd suggest everyone to consider a Fuchs next time you're in the market.

I will update later when I've had time to play with fx..

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
And it’s always great to hear of companies that care how their customers - direct or otherwise - experience their product.
Kudos to Fuchs for that!
And delighted you have an amp of both such fantastic renown and bitchin tone @mirage2101


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Holy overdrives batman!

I still need to order the anoying TRS cable for the fx loop. But I've tried some drives in front of the amp.

Man.. Just a volume boost does SO much.. I'm going to have to try all the models and see how the amp responds to them. I used gain staging with pedals into my princeton but this is a different world altogether. I'm really really happy with this.
I always said I won't be selling the princeton but when I see what I can do with the fuchs.. hmm.