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So I have suffered with insomnia for about 15 years, it's my made life a little different, I read more than mostly anyone I know. I consume TV shows, films, books and computer games at an alarming rate and play guitar at all hours of the night.

I get about 1 to 3 hours of sleep in 24 hour period not always concurrently. And about every 5 days my body crashes on. It means my physical health can suffer because its hard to get into a routine when your so physically tired which in turn affects my mental health and adds to my depression which I deal with using CBT and other cognitive techniques.

Now as a parent it has some advantages, I haven't really suffered with any sleep deprived symptoms. Still it's tough I sit laying awake trying to sleep as I've got work at 6am which means I'm up at 4.50am, I went to bed at half 10 and awoke at about midnight. I've tired any number of solutions, my caffeine intake is low, I've been to the sleep clinic on 4 separate occasions, sleep pills even alcohol when I'm not working and nothing seems to work.

Sorry if this is an over share but insomnia can be quite lonely, my wife and daughter are sleeping. And I find myself in a bit of emotional state, before Ripley was born I would wake up Cheryl and chat and she always supportive helps be through the thought loneliness of long nights awake alone. However Cheryl needs her rest and she has to be able to feed and look after Ripley while I'm at work. So I guess I feel safe here and it feels safe sharing and one thing my headshrinker always says is reach out and people might reach back.

I'm not really looking for solutions or sympathy just a place to mumble where I know people will read and chat maybe, and possibly add with things that are affecting them.

Love and respect always

That sounds tough - do you feel perpetually tired? I think after a while like that you actually forget what it feels like to feel fully rested. I generally run on about 5 to 6 hours of sleep and would like to get 7 but it never happens - I'm sure you would love to sleep for 5 hours, though.

My colleague who shares my office has a 4-month old baby and is complaining about not sleeping enough. For me, that's many years ago now as my youngest is 20 now!

Anyway...good luck, and at least you get the chance to enjoy a lot of reading and such like!

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I went through a period of not sleeping very much. Probably 3-5 hours a night. The kids were little and slept and my wife was ill and went to bed early. I was on my own a lot without much money to spend on entertainment. As it happened it I was going through a change in my employment status so I started an OU degree. Being able to do the work at night without cutting too much into family time or work time was very useful. It filled the time and the online forum groups added some company (turns out there are a lot of people up all night studying). I think it's changed now and financing it is different. I'm not endorsing just saying it's an option to get something out of a bad situation.

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Thankfully I only occasionally have periods of insomnia so I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to suffer from it all the time. Mine usually came with periods of great stress from thing going on in my life at the time.

That sucks dude, I feel for you.


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That's touching dude, thanks for sharing.

I suffered from insomnia when I was seriously depressed. It ended up with my being pretty much nocturnal for a couple of years. There are so many ideal solutions, and I hope eventually you will find one that works for you, but it can be so hard to switch your brain off, which from my experience is the key to this.
My anxiety was also a massive contributor to my sleep patterns. The worst I had was being awake for 52 hours straight as I had a Doctors appointment to go to, wound myself up that much I couldn't sleep. It's something I guess people who have not suffered cant quite understand, your sense seem to be almost superhuman. (I was actually kept awake one night as I could hear a spider walking across some loose paper in my bedroom...…… :p)
I found sleeping pills to work, but they left me pretty much zombified the following day. I was fortunate that I have no dependants.
Hypnosis was my breakthrough. I've had several sessions for various things over the years, but you really need to find someone with a voice that you connect with. (I lost all of my "live" sessions, and had to find similar on the web. It took my quite a few tried and about £50 to get something that worked for me) I'm struggling again a bit, as my folks haven't been in the best of health, but fortunately that looks like it's changing. Lack of sleep definitely grinds you down though.

At my worst, back in the early 2000's, forums and friends in Everquest 2 were the only places I found solace. They were literally my only connection with the real world. I hate to think what would have happened if I hadn't had that. (I literally only left the house to go to the local shop which was about 2 mins down the road)

As you said, no solutions, and maybe a little sympathy, but definitely sharing. :heart:


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Sleep is a complicated thing. Thankfully I've never suffered from insomnia but that doesn't mean my sleep cycle is healthy.

My alarm goes off at 07:15 So I should ideally be in bed by 11. But if I do that I'll be awake at 1am and won't sleep again, or I'll toss and turn until 3 am. If I go around 1 I'll sleep right away. But only 6 hours.
So I'm racking up a sleep deficit during the week, and then in the weekend sleep 10-12 hours a night. Staying up until 2 and sleeping till 12. Sure I can set an alarm but it doesn't help for my mood.
Lately after busy days I just crash after dinner and have a nap for an hour. but that feeds into going to bed late again and the cycle continues.

I've tried not sleeping in for two months, going to bed on 11 sharp for 2 months and in the end it's all pretty frustrating and doesn't work out.

I read somewhere that there are people with a 23 hour and a 25 hour day cycle. If your cycle is 23 hours the day is too long for you. You'll be tired by 11 and go to bed and it's all fine. It's difficult to stay up after 11. The 25 hour people are recognized as evening people. You're still really awake when you should sleep, then sleep too short because the alarm goes off and it's not great. The trick would be to reset that cycle to closer to 24 hours but I never managed that.

Not to say my issues are even close to what you're experiencing. I can't imagine how much it must suck.