ML3 Pro modern Semi-Hollow

I picked this up the other day and it’s a great guitar but I do have a few issues.

Notably, the tone knob.

The sweep seems off. From full down to around 2 or 3 there’s almost no difference and then it suddenly drops off a cliff.

My problem and questions are:

I really like the sound of this guitar. Will changing the tone pots effect that fundamental sound I’m getting?

It’s a new guitar. What is the expense for having a tone knob replaced? I haven’t talked to my tech yet (and I’ve no interest in being a do it yourself outside of standard set up and maintenance) and I’d rather not bother with it at this point.

Again, killer guitar. Not exactly my style, so to me it’s a bit ugly and the tone knob is disappointing. That said, I think it’s a keeper because what it gets right feels really unique and I can absolutely get some great sound of it.

It just loves my Mesa Boogie.


Subtly not giving a F*ck
It's worth checking if it's a linear or logarithmic pot. If it's the one, try the other. Usually you use linear for tone, but logarithmic also works.
I've just received an ML-3 Pro Traditional Semi-Hollow, and I've got the same issue.

The tone pot seems to do nothing as I turn it down from fully open until I get to what would be 2/3 (if numbered) and then there's an audible "click" when plugged in and it drops off a cliff. Not a huge issue for me, but if it isn't supposed to be like this, I'd like to get it fixed!