ML1 traditional V2 wiring? (Seymour duncan HotRail)


I just restarted playing guitar and bought the ML1 (I have owned previous Chapmans).

The thing is that I am going to install a SD Hot Rails (SHR-1B) in the bridge but I can't find the Wiring for the new ML1 traditional V2 anywhere.

I might just drop it in with the humbucker in series (red and white wires soldered together).
But what I really would like to do is that I have the Hotrail split when the switch is in position two (so having the top halve of the Hot rail and the middle pickup together).

If anyone can point me in the right direction, for the original ML1 V2 schematic, and the wiring with the coil split when in the second position.

I would be externally thankful. :)