ML1 Norseman (Evenstad)

Hi guys! I'm looking at a used ML1 Norseman (I think). This version was designed in cooperation with a Norwegian music store.
Was this a one-year-only model? How does this compare to the other, more recent ML1's? Quality? Hardware? PUs?

Serial is W160106 ML-1HH (Made in Korea). Does this mean it was manufactured in 2016?

Am I better off looking at a new guitar?

Cheers from Norway



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Hei og Velkommen!

This particular Norseman was made before the massive shake up in the range in 2017, so it is certainly before that, and the number suggest 2016.

I would put this guitar maybe just below the current Pro series, considering it was made in WMI but before Chapman upped the spec (and price) on it's Korean guitars. I'd expect good build quality and solid hardware and pickups. They are definitely cool guitars, I always wanted the red one myself.

I think you will get more for your money buying this second hand than you would looking at a new guitar of similar spec (Made in Korea, Floyd, etc.) if it's in good condition. As with all these things, if you have a chance to play before you buy, do!.


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I have this same guitar in red (check my unfortunate squished user pic). In my opinion it's a very good guitar, particularly as I paid £545 and it was sent to me from Evenstad in Norway (I'm in UK). I really can't fault it at all (except it is heavy). But as noted by AngusWolfe check it out before buying as with all guitars generally speaking.


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I owned an ML-1 from this era of Chapman Guitars. The Norseman should feel similar. It was a good guitar. A bit heavy for my taste. The sound was, great, the neck was solid. I always did think it felt a bit unbalanced because of the very heavy body and super thin neck. It was weird for me to play it standing up. The build quality was great, though. Excellent for the money. Back then in 2013 you could buy one for like €400,- new from Andertons. You are not going to get a better guitar for that price.


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Did you sell one of them? I only saw the white one the other day? I’ve listed my ML3-Bea and ML3-Bea Baritone. Need the cash for other guitars! Oh and I listed my Headrush Pedalboard.


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I’ve been itching for a proper PRS custom 22 or 24. I’ve also been considering a PRS CE-24 but in the limited edition Satin finish. They pop up on Reverb every once in a while.


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Not the new ML3 BEA Pro then?
No. Both my ML3-bea and bea baritone have already been upgraded that it would be too similar to the newer ones and not worth the change.

In the ML3-Bea (smoke burst) I put a Bare Knuckle Silo in the bridge.

In the Baritone (Crimson) I put a Bare Knuckle Juggernaut in the bridge and I replaced the bridge with a Hipshot bridge.