ML1 Baritone- Pickups and tone pot replacment

Love my ML1 baritone, amazing bang for the buck, but -
the tone pot is very "inaccurate" (to much of a non-linearity thing, opens up really fast), and the pickups themselves lack high-end and clarity.

Has anyone experienced these issues and\or changed pickups for it and can share any insight?


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I think the issues are pretty common. I have a few Chapmans and so far two have had the pickups pots/switches and wiring all replaced. Stock pups aren't bad, but aren't great. I am gutting my ML1 Norseman this weekend, decided on a SD Custom 5 in the bridge and 59 in the neck.
ed lespaul
no 'B' on the tone pot, should there be...?

as for pickups- the stock chapman sonorous zero pickups are the only thing about this guitar that feels cheap.
switched to an old bareknuckle miracle man i had and the guitar came to life :)
probably gonna get the a 59 or a sensient and just mix & match 'till all is good.

ed lespaul

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By your description of how they work, they sound like linear pots, which are usually a no go for tone.

Audio pots are denoted with an A, linear with a B. That’s why I asked.