ML-3 Pro Traditional Pickup Options


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Hello all,

I have an ML3 Pro traditional which while I love the way it plays I've never really gelled with the neck pickup. I do however really like the bridge pickup.
The guitar is the triton finish so I don't think it's the current model if that makes any difference?

My description of the pickup would be compressed, flat, dull, especially when played clean. Also has pretty noticeable output drop compared to the bridge.

I bought the ML3 to satisfy the T-type itch I had at the time, however I know nothing about T-type pickups. Is there anything I need to be aware of when looking at pickups (mainly is the screw spacing standard across T-type neck pickups)? What have others replaced their neck pickups with? And I assume I can get away with just changing the neck and not a matched neck/bridge set?

For reference, I mainly play noodley, crunchy blues type stuff and my Strat has a set of Tonerider City Limits which I really enjoy.



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I know it's been nearly a month, so no idea if you'll see this, but I'll go for a reply.

Tele neck pickups are often accused of being a bit lackluster, especially compared to the absolutely whopping bridge pickup and the iconic strat neck pickup.

a lot of people put humbuckers in the neck, like Keith Richards. my LTD Tele has a humbucker in the neck an it is a pretty cool combo that makes it an absolute blues machine. WIth the ML3 not having a scratchplate you'd probably want a single coil sized humbucker if you went down this route, but these are relatively common now, with most pickup brands making one. a good example of this is the Seymour Duncan SL59, which comes in the ML3-BEA. Pickup companies like The Creamery ( make pickups the same size as tele pickups but voiced to sound more like P90s or strat neck pickups, and even Burns pickups (most famously used by Brian May). It really is a rich world of aftermarket pickups out there.

pole peices are usually only an issue in bridge pickups in my experience, I don't know if anyone else has anything to say on the matter. You can swap just the neck, but they can get unbalanced if the pickups are massively different in output. Usually you can usually balance this out by adjusting pickup and polepiece height unless it's a rediculous difference in the pickups.

Personally, I love the humbucker in the Tele neck, both pickups have balls but absolutely different flavours that you can't really get from a strat or Les Paul, really earns a place in a guitar collection. Using both in the middle position with cleans is a really cool sound, too.