Mid-Life Crisis?

Hello, my name is Jacob but most friends call me KT (odd gamer types...) and I live in Tennessee in the south eastern United States. I've recently hit my family's average middle age and been looking for something new, with a focus on being creative. Blacksmithing? Nope, that was too hot. Carpentry? Interesting there are only so many shelves and cabinets I need. Resin work? Fun and, when mixed with some of the wood work, makes decent side money. Woodworking is nice and calm and resin is forgiving sometimes, so I settled on that.

Long story short, one of my customers didn't have enough to pay for a piece that his wife really wanted and asked if I'd take some luthier lessons as trade. We worked out the deal and, after filing and leveling 50+ necks worth of frets, I fell in love.

I hadn't played guitar since I was 17 but the bug bit me. I scoured the area for guitar building courses and playing lessons. Watched tons of videos and reviews, traveled to all of the local shops and made a few rips to Nashville before settling on Chapman as the brand I want mostly due to tone and feel in my price range. I've made a post in the beginner section about that. Around this time I also swapped a few electives for my fine arts degree to focus on luthier courses (going for fine arts in wood). It should be fun being the old guy in class.

Goals are to learn to play some of my favorite songs, have a fun hobby, and gain the skills to repair, restore, and craft guitars. Probably too old to be the next Rabea, so I'll leave the hard work to the youngsters.