Mesa boogie mark V


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So I'm about a month in and I thought I'd write up something about the amp. I won't do a full list of features because there's just so much ground to cover and others have done that better then I can. If you have questions about something don't hesitate to ask though!

General impressions
Holy forking shirtballs.. What a great amp. It's often called a jack of all trades which implies it's master of none. But man this amp is GOOD!
I've got the clean channel on the blackface setting. For my strat I engage bold. That also covers the perceived volume difference between single coils and humbuckers. On this channel you'll do any sort of shimmery clean to nice and full to breaking up.
The crunch channel is on mark I for me. It's my rhythm sound. With a bit of volume knob manipulation it covers anything from golden earring to bush to K's choice.
The gain channel is on mk IV. I use it as the "metal" channel. When the gathering or metallica comes around this is where it's at.
I use the EQ to shape the sound a bit for solo's.

You know the feeling when you get an amp that was used in song X and when you play it and it all falls into place? That's this amp all the time. As long as you have the patience to dial in a sound.

Very sensitive to style of playing. The way you play can alter the sound and suddenly match a song.
There's a LOT of options and with the three channel setup you don't really have to compromise.
It works on ANY volume. from softer then the strings to even in the practice room the neighbors come calling. Mesa boogie did something wrong on the 25. This one is easier to control volume wise.
reverb is switchable, but also dedicated to each channel. Want a lush reverb on your cleans? No problem you can still have a tight sound on the other channels. no need to compromise or switch.

Very sensitive to style of playing. If you're sloppy you WILL be outed.
Not "hard" but there is a LOT. And that makes it hard. I've only covered 3 out of 9 modes in a month and there's so much more to uncover. I think it's easier to dial in then the 25 but maybe it's not fair to compare an hour in the store to a month at home.
It's heavy.. at 31kg I'd hate to have to lug this up and down the stairs weekly or more often.

to conclude..
I "grew up" musically in the 90s. Until offspring with self esteem came around my interest was more to happy hardcore and synth stuff. And then radiohead release ok computer. And that was the big turnaround. Offspring, silverchair, bush, guano apes.. And this mark V is just coming home sound wise. This is the amp I never knew I wanted. Or maybe thought I couldn't have.
Aside from specific sounds, even at low volumes the amp give a feeling of power and push to the sound that's fantastic. No more challenge to keep the sustain on as long as the songs. Only the "yeah this is it" feeling.

If you have the budget.. And you're in the market for a serious amp.. You owe it to yourself to give this one a shot.