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    May 12, 2017
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    So I got my new amp last week and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

    classic gain and high gain channel (clean and gain)
    bass boost
    tone shift
    half power mode
    footswitch with channel and reverb switch

    biggest loss:
    no effects loop.
    no led for reverb

    It's a tank. simple as that. The knobs catch my eye though. They're sturdy and turn smooth. They do what you'd expect them to do instead of making small steps always missing the sweet spot.

    cleans: I don't play a lot of clean tones and reviews aren't really enthousiastic about the cleans. But dial in a little bit of reverb. Give it a little gain and there's some really usable tones in here. It's no fender or vox but if you want that, buy that.
    gain: I've kept on the lower half of the gain. That's really enough for me. There's a nice gravely crunch in there. On the higher end it gets a bit fizzy for my taste but I guess it'd be good for metal.
    reverb: it's there it's fine. I don't have an opinion on it.

    ease of use
    The amp has the marshall tone. It's really easy to dial in a sound that you'll like both from whatever you have in mind to a song you want to play.

    compare to..
    blackstar ht-5. The dsl is definately a step up. Both in sounds and in control. Funny enough, at 7.5watt the dsl is less loud, or at least a lot more controllable then the ht5. It's definately an upgrade.
    pod500 with FRFR speaker. The pod is a great do it all effect. But.. It's a pain in the ass to get good tones from it and you'll KEEP tweaking and niggling with it. The dsl is a matter of connecting the main and you'll be playing in 30 seconds. I definately prefer the dsl.

    the predictable tube screamer is a great addition.
    Boss DD7 set to analog works fine in front of the amp. To be honest I can live without the effects loop. But then I'm not building huge boards.

    If you're looking for marshall sounds at bedroom volumes. This is absolutely an amp you should consider.
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    I like a nice Marshall !

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