Loxley Custom Guitars aka my new Strat neck build journey...

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Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Hey guys.
My relic surf green Strat has needed a new neck for a while - the current one is too thin from being sanded down to remove the worst of a brand (the burn into wood kind) that a previous owner with a knack for poor life choices decided to add.
I’ve thought long and hard about how best to replace the neck. Lots of mulling over the prices of stock necks versus how much extra I’d need to get something *special* and suited to this relic guitar happened, and then more thinking, and then MORE thinking and in the end I decide to message a FB friend of mine, Matt Loxley (Loxley Custom Guitars. Blow your mind here https://www.loxleyguitars.co.uk/ ) to see if he fancied making one for me. I’ve watched Matt make some incredible guitars over the past couple of years and his particular skill set *best Liam Neilson voice* has me pretty excited about the new neck Rogue is going to end up with.

I had a chat with Matt and we both thought -well, I did and then Matt kindly agreed - it’d be cool to document this neck coming to life on a thread. There’s a shit ton of work that goes into making a neck and I’m the kind of nerd who LOVES watching this stuff in progress.
And I’m pretty sure most of you are EXACTLY that kind of nerd too.
*holds up hand for a high five*
So, game on!
Yesterday saw Matt sending me over pictures of some maple and rosewood blanks for my perusal, and here are the ones I’ve chosen...
Just realised I don’t know where the rosewood is from?
I’m guessing India but I’ll check with Matt and get back to you on that...
EDIT: yep, it’s Indian.
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bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Wowsers. I get the impression that the journey is as important for you as the destination! I will follow this closely!
Kudos; you’re an insightful man @Chu
Gear projects give me something safe in my head to *escape* to when other things in my head are being less than kind.
For that reason alone they’re 100% worth the cash.
Add in they bring me further joy when they’re finished and I get to play and enjoy the finished result?
That would make them 150% worth the cash.

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Matt’s just sent over some more pics
So here’s where we’re at.
He’s cut the blank to about the thickness the neck will be, it’s revealed some cool swirly lines of mineral deposits which’ll look awesome against the flame that runs through this bit of maple once the neck is finished...

Here’s the area of wood that will become the neck; the centre line is where the truss rod will run and that line also gives Matt his centrepoint for the entire neck as he carves and shapes it into a more familiar S-type shape...

Btw there’ll be no Fender type decal on this headstock. Matt and I have agreed the Loxley logo belongs on this neck.
What is that going to look like?


Patience, Padawan, patience...

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
Some update pics arrived from Matt today.
And he was good enough to explain what’s been happening.
Let’s get straight into it...
“Got some time in the workshop today even though I was feeling rubbish. Cleared the decks and got a number of fingerboards ready to be worked on. This is how I radius the boards. After hours of hand sanding ebony in the past this set up is brilliant. 2 to 3 passes per side and it's done. It only requires a few passes with the block.”
AFC3DC90-7BE0-4411-B285-ECDFD5499FA1.jpeg 0567E441-BBCE-4CF2-B363-6E69EA08900F.jpeg

“That's the router table with a radius cutting bit in it. It has a bearing that runs down the middle of the board. Three careful passes and the side is radiused. Flip the board use the centre line and route the other side.”
81ABEC1E-68C7-4C85-A403-DE34326EF824.jpeg 272B84F0-DE77-4A2F-9059-FFC0DB9919B4.jpeg CBD33505-6D42-435A-9EAD-42D52EC9FEE6.jpeg
I’m abandoning thumbnails for these last two pics as I’m super please at how luscious the rosewood for the fretboard looks. Tight-grained-chocolately goodness like this needs FULL SIZE pics...:cold:


That's interesting. I bought a set of those radiusing router bits a while ago but had bad results on the one fretboard that I tried it on, so I abandoned them. I've just bought a new jig to do it with a palm router, although I'm having trouble getting the right size of collet and in any case I'm not ready to radius another fretboard yet. Soon, though.

That fretboard is indeed very pretty!