Low Profile Pedal Power Supply


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I'm looking for an isolated power supply to replace my daisy chain 1 Spot plug. My board can be a bit noisy, so I was hoping that getting an isolated supply would help resolve that issue. I use a Warwick Rockboard Duo 2.1, so I'll need something low profile to fit underneath it. I saw the MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick and the Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS6 Low Profile. Does anyone have any experience with either of these (or any other similarly priced (about $100-$130) low profile power supplies) to recommended one? My current pedalboard has 6 pedals on it with a current max power draw of about 560mA (based on a quick google search/looking at the tags on the pedals), and both power supplies here have more than enough current to supply to all of them.


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Truetone is always good. Really really top quality products. The MXR should be good, but I don't have experience with it.

Maybe check out some of the Cioks stuff?