Loss of job


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Last Friday I was told at the end of my six month probation "it's not working out, wish you all the best etc etc".

Now begins the journey to find something else, I really dont want to end up in another office as for me it's soul destroying. I've got a few quid put aside and I don't intend to be out of work longterm. I realy want to do something rewarding, carework or at least something that makes a difference. This is the worst bit fear of the unknown. I strolled into the last job and really disliked it, told it was going to be something else and effectively it was outbound cold sales calling which is not what I wanted.


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Well the negative energy of your previous job can now be cast aside and hopefully a lot of positive and rewarding await you good sir. I really hope you find something that puts a smile to your face :)


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Well...you know..Office jobs can be fun. I agree, I hate cold sales. I only do sales with existing customers, but I also do marketing, social media and some other more fun tasks.

So what I'm trying to say is, one office job is not the other. It can be fun.