Living in a world full of (wonderful) enablers

ed lespaul

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I have been buying and selling gear for many years. I do my best to keep the money from these transactions separate from the usual funds, in order to keep my spending to what I have sold. It could get out of hand quickly, if I don't.

One item that I bought, and it killed me to return, was a Randall LynchBox. It died on me shortly (pun intended) after purchasing. During the short period that it lived, I profiled it with my Kemper, and it has become my go-to sound since the day I profiled it. Since that day, I have been looking for a replacement, but have been extremely happy with my profiles.

Another one popped up, and it was calling me. I tried to talk myself out of it, to no avail. I contacted several friends to talk me out of it, and every single guitar playing friend said "Buy it!!!"

I became increasingly weak, and I bought it.

All in all, I am happy that I bought it, and look forward to it being delivered. But a part of me knows that I am a gear-o-holic. I realized that all my guitar playing friends are enablers, feeding into my illness. Not a one said "Why do you need it?" Every single one said "Buy it!!!!"

Hi, my name is Ed, and I'm a gear-o-holic.


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Wife walks into the attic sees kemper: wow that's a lot of lights! Is that your new toy?
me: yeap, loving it.
her: Good so now you can stop buying stuff?
me: Actually I'm going to see a guitar builder on saturday
her: But isn't this your new toy?
me: I sold an amp AND a guitar. So I'm allowed a new guitar too.
her: Yes honey enjoy.

It's a good thing we have our own pocket money.. And somehow I know there's a new rug or whatever interior thing in my near future.

Hi, my name is Marc, and I'm a gear-o-holic.


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I think I'm a recovered addict.
Every amp I try, I think cool, but not buying it, got my Hot Rod.
Every pedal I try, I think cool, but not buying it, got my HX Effects.
Every distortion or pre-amp I try, I think cool, but not buying it, got my Catapulp.
Every guitar I try, I think cool, but not buying it, got my custom purple strat.

On the other hand....every awesome Lego set I see nowadays I think OH MY GOD I NEED TO BUY THAT NOW!

Am I a Lego-holic...Lego-o-holic....Legolic...