Linux Users Thread


Yeaaaaaah, I was afraid I was going to have to compile a quirk into the kernel itself, but if I can achieve the same by recompiling the necessary modules, I'm okay with that.

Will have to try this later on this week/end and see how I get on with it.


I went ahead and recompiled the snd-usb-podhd module with the added parameters as mentioned in the above linked thread, and everything's working properly - JACK sees it as a USB soundcard and streaming audio to it works like a charm.

This, combined with Valve's current work on Proton, may very well soon mean that I never have to go back to Windows again. :)


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Good work :)

I'd kinda like to get the Helix working as an interface, but I'm not sure how much of that is the challenge and how much is actual need to get it working. As it is, I have Helix Native running through the Komplete Audio 6 which sits on my desk between my screens...running the Helix means I'd be losing desk space or floor space (both of which are at a premium in my office) and I'd have to break down my computer's audio setup every time I had rehearsal or a gig.

...and I still wouldn't be able to run HX Edit to copy patches around or anything, because there isn't a Linux version.

Too many downsides, not enough upsides. Think I'll stick with the current way, which also gives me the chance to trial new versions of the firmware using Native without affecting my live rig.