Linux distros for music production

Magnus Pym

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I had a go with a specific music distro once, may have been KXstudio. I seem to remember there was a tool for linking input, outputs and processes that was a bit confusing. I gave up in the end. That was a while ago and things move quickly in Linux land. I doubt it's still like that.


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I've given Ardour + Jack a try on Lubuntu / Xubuntu in the past. Bit of a learning curve (like with most things in Linux, for me) but I had the setup working with an M-Audio interface without too many hassles. The deal breaker was that most of the VST plugins I'm fond of didn't work well with this setup. Jack was also a little buggy IIRC.

This was quite a few years back so I don't know if the landscape has changed. I've never bothered giving it another go.

@Robstafarian (tagging in case he turns up) used / uses Ubuntu Studio if I'm not mistaken.


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Any recommendations? I've got a spare i5 laptop with 8gb ram that I fancy repurposing for noodling around with.
I used Ubuntu Studio for a bit. What was nice about it is it automatically sorted out all of the drivers for the hardware. Make sure you check the box to allow it to install third party drivers.