Light refin on silent (not silent) guitar body that has no body


That's not new, its always been there.
The silent guitar had upper and lower bouts with super rough black paint on them. Probably to give traction to stop it slipping off your lap as its so light. Anyhoo - the roughness is rough enough to take loose skin flakes off my hands/file my nails. To cut down on the exfoliation we got the wet/dry out and wetsanded the paint
2018-04-11 16.32.10.jpg
Beautifully smooth - but inplaces a teeny bit off sand through to ....what looked like actual wood !!
2018-06-18 16.47.08.jpg
So we got the rough stuff out and sanded it off. Stained it amber to match the rest of the body
2018-06-18 16.47.58.jpg
I still have to lacquer this to properly match the rest of the finish. But I'm happy with the colour matching so far, it'll change a touch when lacquered to a satin finish. Small temptation to stain the sides darker mahogany to match the neck.
N.B. Screws aren't all screwed in as I'm not finished yet.


That's not new, its always been there.

My cheapo wireless sender fits really well too.

If Yamaha added midi to these they would be killer. The Graphtech 13 pin nylon midi kit can be fitted into this with some modification to the bridge (mainly for intonation), and not minding the control area being modded*. It'd also be nice to see the black plastic bit remade in wood - it'd be mucho estético !

*My Gr55 and Gk3 pickup wouldn't work - unless I changed to classical strings with rope/metal cores - which is worth an 'experiment'
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